Me, oh my

Technically this is a self portrait. Not an intentional self portrait, but I did use myself as reference. It’s a lot easier to paint myself as a character than as a normal self portrait. This particular piece was for a conceptual dessert book illustrating the recipe name, “Love at First Bite: Cherry Cobbler.” A bit of a stretch, but so much more interesting than a cobbler painting, right? A grittier version would have been so much fun to paint, but since we were dealing with food, I couldn’t make it too unappetizing…

I use myself as reference quite often, mostly for sketching though. This “Love at First Bite” painting is one of the only fully rendered paintings of myself I have. I would much rather use a model, but sometimes I’m all I have access to. I use myself because I know exactly what poses I want. I use myself because I don’t care if I draw myself ugly. I use myself because sometimes I just need to sketch something and photo booth on my computer is the easiest solution. I obviously don’t mind drawing myself, but more than that I’m starting to really enjoy drawing characters of myself.



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