DIY Necklace Display

I used to do blogging for this cute boutique in the Marina, and I thought I would share some of the projects I posted for that blog here as well.

This idea started when I went to Golden Gate Park and found tons of fallen/broken off tree branches. I remember seeing craft projects with painted antlers and thinking how beautiful they were, so I thought I’d try something along those lines. I grabbed big beautiful v-shaped ones and took them home to turn them into a wall display for my necklaces. My necklaces had been hanging off a super cheapy looking display that I had made a year ago… was essentially a shoe box lid covered in fabric….sounds stupid but it didn’t look too terrible.

The branches were all way to big to hang in my wall so I reluctantly broke one of them in half and painted it:

Then I glued on some lace and let it dry overnight.

Which made some pretty looking sticks.

Next was the hardest part for me. I tried just nailing the two sticks together in a v-shape with a hammer….which didn’t work at all! The nail wouldn’t go through the center of one, let alone two tree branches. So I ended up just hot glueing them together and wrapping them with yarn….

Then I found a really hollow stick in my backyard and cut it into little pieces.

And glued them on the branches.

I did this so I could loop my necklaces around them. In hindsight, I probably should have just found branches with nibs on them instead of having to make faux ones…but I don’t plan very well.

I wedged the branch into two command hooks, hung up my bracelets and necklaces and that’s that.

I wish it weren’t right next to the only window in my room because I can’t get good lighting on it to take photos…it’s always in a shadow. But it’s been up for at least 2 months and still holding strong. I love hot glue.


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