Getting Spooky (in a pretty cute way)

I’ve been very slowly decorating my house for halloween. Last year no one came trick or treating and I blame the lack of outdoor halloween decor. So far, no one on my block has been very festive, though most houses/apartments don’t have front porches or stoops…

I think that once it gets closer to the 31st I’ll start putting more things on our stoop. I’m just nervous that the wind will blow everything away and tape can only hold for so long.

But so far, here’s what I have:

I made some very simple ghosties to hang in one of the windows out of an old tulle skirt and white thread. I LOVE the etherial shadows they cast on the inside of the house!

I also cut out and painted some skulls to hang in my bedroom window. I love it because at night when my light is on it creates a really creepy backlit glow.

And today I just put some straw bundles on our front door. I like them because after halloween I can take off the spiders and they’ll still be autumn festive.

More decorations soon!


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