Pretty Little Things


We thought about moving out of our house at the end of this month, but honestly…now’s not a good time. Plus, it’s INSANE expensive to live here. I think I will have four roommates for as long as I live in San Francisco. Anyway, while thinking about moving and packing, I was trying to sort out what would be kept (to move into a very small place) and what would be given/thrown away. Most of what I have accumulated while living in this house is junk that I can do without, but I realized I have some tiny little treasures too.

At 24 I think I’ve finally figured out my jewelry taste. I like charming, sweet, everyday-wear necklaces. These are my favorites. Gifts from my sweet parents, friends, and boyfriend.


This shell comb was a birthday gift from my dear friend Olivia. It sits in a small box with my perfumes. I think it’s so lovely.


Back in a Dallas, a sweet woman named Dottie lived across the street from my family. She always called me (and everyone else) “Honey” and was a delight to visit. She used to babysit my brothers and I when we were young, and would always tell me about my artistic side showing at early crayon-drawing ages. She was so sweet. After she passed I inherited one of her beautiful perfume bottles.


I LOVE this floral wooden box! My mom gave it to me last Christmas as part of my embroidery/sewing kit, and I think it’s the prettiest box I’ve ever seen! Right now it stores some embroidery floss, but once I organize my room a bit, I hope to use it to store something more precious.


My girl cousins and I all received a piece of jewelry from my grandmother’s collection. I think it’s sweet that she picked out which piece to give each one of her granddaughters. I received this watch that her older brother had given to her in the 70’s (I believe). I wish I were more of a watch-girl or had a crisper sense of style. Until I figure out how to wear clean black lines, it’ll remain a treasure for the eyes.


This beautiful floral, embroidered, and beaded clutch once belonged to my great grandmother on my mother’s side. It is in PERFECT condition! I am so happy to finally have handed-down belongings from my mother’s side of the family. Along with this clutch, I also have embroidered handkerchiefs, tablecloths, embroidery hoops, a blanket, and a darling apron that once belonged to my grandmother and great grandmother! I love this maternal-side collection and I love seeing it grow!


Last, here’s a double-mirrored compact my dad gave me. I feel like my house has always had sun/moon imagery and I really love the texture used to make this one. Though it already has a crack in one of the mirrors, I keep it in my purse and use it everyday.


I’m so happy to have these little belongings documented and I hope to write more “Pretty Little Things” posts in the future as my collection grows.

Happy Saturday!


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