Embroidery Experiments

I’ve been playing more with embroidery and embroidery illustration. I’m really loving it so far! I did these late last night after all my roommates had fallen asleep.

Stitch Girl.


I had an idea to do little portraits of women wearing extravagant collars. I wanted to ink in the ladies and stitch in the collars only, but once I started I couldn’t stop! This lady ended up being pretty much all thread. If I decide to keep going with this, I think I’m gonna try to embroider just the collars and sketch in more realistic portraits.

Tea cup pattern.


I’ve been embroidering on paper more than fabric and I really wanted to use my embroidery hoops! Also, i just wanted to do something darling.

Embroidered Blossom.

photo 1photo 3

A really simple extra step that I think turned out rather lovely! I took one of the prints I had made for First Fridays and stitched abstract petals on top.

Hope ya’ll had a good weekend! I’m gonna go stitch some more tea cups.


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