Balcony Garden

I love hanging out with crafty friends! Mary is a crazy talented artist who is heavily focused on crochet work. I hope to share some of these creations soon, but I’d like to introduce a part of her home first. I love seeing creative spaces and how other artists nest. I have never been that great at nesting (it took me a whole year to actually put anything interesting up on my walls) but Mary has always been so good at it!! This girl has SO much stuff, and they’re all amazing! I spend so much time going over her countless vintage knick-knacks, thrifted art collection, family photographs, and her own handmade work. Mary recently moved to a new place with her boyfriend and her balcony has become the new home for her succulents! I had to take several photos.


Through the window. Spot the glass head in the bottom right crate?IMG_7991Her crochet label is called GREEN HORSE CRAFT so this beautiful ceramic green horse is perfect!IMG_7990

IMG_7992IMG_7995IMG_7997IMG_8003IMG_8004I love this. I want a succulent garden so badly! Hope to share more from Mary soon! Follow her on instagram for peeks of her latest crochet work @greenhorsecraft and visit her shop!


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