Branding Myself

Hello, hello!


I was doodling some pretty vine patterns (one of my favorite things to doodle lately) and it occurred to me that I don’t have a logo. I made a logo for my (soon-to-be-announced) etsy shop and I LOVE it! It works perfectly for my crafty business – business cards. So why not have a logo for myself?

I started off with some organic vine shapes, watercolored an A, and put it all together in photoshop.


I’m really happy with it! I think it represents my personality and aesthetic pretty well. It can easily be applied to resumes, invoices, business cards, and a whole slew of other things!

For anyone confused by the A, my full name is Alexandra. Risky, I know, since I go by Lexi on all my social media sites, but I really think my full name will come through for me! I was given a strong, beautiful name and only go by Lexi because people inevitably call me “Alex” if they have the choice. The letter just seems a bit more confident to me.


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