Holiday Window

I was so happy when Vanessa from Story asked me to do another window display! Let me just say, I love working with her and I LOVE her shop! It’s so charming and sweet (I love the jewelry!!) . I’m incredibly lucky that we have an eye for the same aesthetics, and that she gives me lots of freedom in executing my ideas. Plus, she’s like the sweetest ever!


I came to her with a few ideas that would encompass the holiday spirit. Most of them were pattern or woodland themed (hey, I am who I am!) and luckily she was into them too. I saved my favorite idea for last, hanging big “peppermint sticks” from the ceiling, and that was it! It’s amazing getting paid to work on projects you really, really want to work on.

Here’s some shots from the window so far.

holidaywindow_1holidaywindow_2 holidaywindow_6

I gathered fallen branches from the park and used white paint and red suede to create giant peppermint sticks. Story has a really lovely handmade feel, so I think my materials compliment the store well. I can’t wait to see it at night with christmas lights! I think that will really make it magical.

IMG_8976 IMG_9011

holidaywindow_3 holidaywindow_4 holidaywindow_5


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