Fox Ornaments

IMG_8973IMG_8988IMG_9003f234897 f12789896IMG_9041

Happy December!

I stitched up these little foxes as a last minute item to sell. I figured they’d fit into the “holiday” part of the fair better than my crowns and I’m so happy with how they turned out! I spent one super late night sewing almost all of these. It gave me a chance to try out my sewing machine and after three mishaps, finally just hand stitching them. I’m useless without my sewing-savy roommates! Luckily I had the entire first season of Buffy to watch during the hours and hours of stitching. (I totally caught the first episode in the third picture. The communion wafers in her weapon-trunk kills me!) I think they make pretty adorable, squishy ornaments!

***Update- I just revamped the style of these foxes. A bit more embroidery and texture. I love them! Sharing soon!


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