Etsy Love // Autumn Vibes

We’ve had a few beautifully dreary days in San Francisco and I hope they keep coming. We’ve also still had lots of hot days. Haven’t you heard warm sun and blue skies? I have too many cozy sweaters and spend too long by big windows to deal with you. Plus, overcast chilly days are my ideal work days. Here’s some fall themed etsy love.



The color palette of this print is so dreary good. That dog. That pipe.  <3

Fox Knit

I don’t knit, but yes I’ll take this fox bowl to hold my yarn please. (I have yarn regardless of not knitting. That crafty.)


Smitten Mittens


Give me this ghost pin.

Blue Mugs

I think I’m becoming obsessed with beautiful ceramic mugs. These blue and gold glazed mugs are so cozy/dreamy.


I want to spend lovely lazy days like this. Yelena you are too good.




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