Marker Love

I like using lots of different mediums. Lately it’s been markers- a combination of Prisma, Copic, and Tombow to be specific. I think everyone’s first reaction to “markers” are flashbacks to the Crayola Washables- but I assure you, markers can be quality! This whole marker-use started fairly recent and was a result of my friend moving to New York. She was clearing out everything she owned, wanting to make her move across the country easy-as-pie, and I ended up leaving her apartment with bags of goodies. When she handed me this box of ($$$) markers, I was super hesitant to just take them (like I said, $$$!) but my super sweet friend insisted! So thank you, Lauren! Your incredibly generous gift has changed my art-game!


I love how easy it is to just start a piece! Having a bag full of markers and a sketch pad is an incredibly portable art medium. I tend to do my best work at a cafe (have I mentioned how much I love that cliche?), on the floor, or on my bed. As much as I tried- painting in bed doesn’t work. I’m prone to coziness, what can I say. So this particular medium is pretty perfect for me.

I’m happy to say that I’ve been producing lots of work in this style. I haven’t felt this motivated to illustrate since art school. It’s so satisfying finding a formula that work for you.


Valentine Mantle

Time for another holiday mantle! This one was done a bit under the wire, but Valentine’s in my favorite holiday so it’ll definitely stay up at least through March.IMG_0060

I had gold up everywhere from New Years Eve, and figured I could keep a little of the gold and add whatever spare pink toned paintings I had lying around. The big one in the center is my roommates. She left it when she moved out and I just think it’s too pretty to not display. The rest are mine, various valentine cards, and just some pretty little things.

IMG_0049 IMG_0051 IMG_0053 IMG_0054 IMG_0059IMG_0061

I can’t wait for Friday!! Hope you all are having the loveliest month!

Heart Pinata


Alright, I know it’s not quite February but it’s close enough to start bombarding ya’ll with lots and lots of hearts right? I recently dressed the Story window for February/Valentines, and my statement creation was a heart pinata! Here’s some progress pics of how it was done:


I’m so happy with how it came out! Given enough time, cardboard, and tape…I think I could go pinata crazy! Hoping to squeeze in a few more (little) valentine’s day inspired pinatas soon!

Stoned and in Love

This project has been on the back burner for far too long! I remember when I started penciling in the words around November…yikes! It was forgotten for many months, hidden by my messiness, but I’m so happy it’s finally complete!



I’m trying to incorporate more embroidery into my art work and it was always my intention to use this piece to experiment with embroidering words. I love how it turned out! In case you’re wondering, I embroidered onto watercolor paper.

I thought of this message after a string of depressed weeks. It sums up my happy days pretty well. I should hang it on the wall asap to remind myself not to get down so easily. IMG_6717

Spring has Sprung


The weather lately has been more sun than grey and I am very happy! I can’t stand it when it gets dark around 4:45, I need my sunshine to last long as possible!

My mom sent me some Easter stuff in the mail and I decided to decorate my mantle for spring! I decorated it for Christmas and Valentines but failed to take a single picture. Not this time, these colors are way too happy.

IMG_6652IMG_6640 IMG_6643 IMG_6647IMG_6653IMG_6661IMG_6648IMG_6649IMG_6654 IMG_6655IMG_6634