Felt Cactus

I’ve cranked out a good bundle of baby felt cacti. I’ll be bringing some to the CCA Holiday Fair this Saturday, November 22nd and I’m selling some on my etsy. PS- I gave them names:



// Gossamer //


// Pink Baby //


// Sunflower //


// Little Buds //

image 2

// Happy Monster //

I’m also planning on bringing some flower crowns (surprised right?) , some art prints, pug totes, more cat bobbi pins and brooches, and hopefully some ornaments! Trying to pull off 4 holiday windows and a craft fair this month, eek (!)

More PS- Pictured in above pictures is my gold washi tape wall! I think it’s the happiest!


Something Floral, Something New

I worked on a little something for a good friend of mine. She’s the maid of honor in an upcoming wedding and wanted to give a personal piece to the bride-to-be. I only had about a day to work on this, so I kinda gave myself creative-reign! It may not have been exactly what she was asking for, but hey, if it’s free and I have a super quick deadline, I’m pretty sure that means I get to do whatever I want, right?

And I really like it!



This is the original bouquet pattern I made. I think it would make super sweet gift wrap or something.



It’s been so quiet on here, eek.

I’ve been really enjoying my new job. Not only is it just a wonderful work environment, but it’s also allowed me to learn so much about wholesale and product-based branding. I feel very right-time/right-place, right now.

Here’s a few snaps of what’s been going on here:

lately2pugs_teacupslately1Screen shot 2014-05-15 at 9.27.31 PMring_08ringpattern11Screen shot 2014-05-15 at 9.23.22 PMScreen shot 2014-05-15 at 9.31.06 PMlately3

Roos and I finally took the plunge and bought a fancy epson printer! I love it! I can’t wait to stock-up on beautiful printing paper. // I got my flower crown pug and teacups screen printed by the amazing ALL GOLD // My job is the best!! Thank you ZELMA ROSE for packaging my cross-stitch heart necklace SO beautifully (and thank you Kehau for the dreamy-lit photo!) // I played with a lot of crystal/geode pattern ideas. I’m sure we’ll see more of these… // I’m embroidering beautiful sounding words onto watercolor paper. Super excited about this, but it’s pretty slow. This is a snippet of the word “Susurrus” // A tiny fair I did at the end of March. Looking at my fellow crafty girls, GREEN HORSE CRAFT and FIBER FLORIST, I need to step up my table decoration! // Happy Mother’s Day Mom!

Etsy love: Spring Dream

April is here! Considering my rampant love for everything floral, Spring is totally my season! Here’s some lovely spring things I’ve found while perusing etsy lately:

This sweet painting is the prettiest /// I need vintage botanical prints everywhere please!

english rose printbluebotanical

Love these pretty temporary tattoos. (Brilliant for testing out placement!)

bluefloraltattooPeachy Geometric pillow cover /// Antique butterfly chart from the early 1900’s

geometric peach pillow   antique butterflies

My girl Vivian makes the most beautiful felt floral garlands and bouquets.

vivian flower garlandAre ya’ll dreaming up anything new for spring? My home, painting, and craft ideas are just non-stop right now. It’s totally the season for new beginnings!


Actual Story Window

Hooray! I finally have a good photo of my boutique window display! Thanks Addie! Hopefully the bits and pieces from the last post will make sense now.

storywindowI think it’s pretty cute!

Anyway, this whole month I’ve been either working out my etsy shop or planning birthday things for Roos (which is tomorrow! 25 on the 25th!) I need to learn how to multitask, or just stop serial-watching adventure time all day. The etsy shop is taking way longer than I expected. I really want good photos/descriptions/everything and it’s just taking me a while. But I’m excited to share things from both projects when I’m done (and start doing fall/halloween things!)

Story Window


I was commissioned to do a quick window installation for a new boutique in the Inner Richmond. The shop is called STORY, and the owner couldn’t be sweeter. She pretty much gave me free reign, so I naturally went with a floral theme. STORY is a charming little shop that carries the cutest clothes for toddlers as well as beautifully detailed gifts, accessories, and jewelry. Their back room has also become a new home for some of my paintings to be displayed.


I only have a few pictures to show of the window. The glare of the window is pretty bad during certain hours (of course the hours I show up to take photos) but hopefully they’ll get some lights in there soon! The reflections actually make a pretty interesting picture.


A little explanation- I cut out two big cardboard pieces to frame the corners of the windows to act like curtains/vignettes. I hand-made all those brown paper flowers and bunched them all together for a bustled look. Then there are three strands of paper or crepe flowers on twine that hang like scallops in the middle of the two vignettes. Super simple idea, but incredibly time consuming!! I went through so much paper and burnt my fingers too many times to count. The vignettes are at least 4 feet in length and I only had two days to work on it. I can’t wait to get better whole-window shots, but for now, this will have to do!

STORY is located in the Inner Richmond of San Francisco on Third Avenue and Clement!

Dangerous Play

I finally finished this painting! I started it right after my Sly and Wry paintings but completely abandoned it for something else (as usual.) I wanted to keep the floral/pattern theme but give this one a human element. I’m really happy with it though pretty embarrassed at how long it was abandoned!


I’m thinking of titling it, “Dangerous Play (can be Lovely)” Hmm…