Cool Girls with Pink Hair



Made some pink ladies.


pink girls sept 2014_0002

pink girls sept 2014_0001

IMG_1634And I think I’m gonna whip these prints up:

Pink Hair Don't Care


Sweater Cardigan

Here’s a little self portrait sketch. Lately my wardrobe has consisted of a summer dress, cardigan, knee socks, and flats/booties….this is an outfit combination I wear VERY frequently now a days.


Wear a cute sweater to make life not suck as much.

love lexi

First Fridays

I want to share some photos of my first First Fridays event! Oakland has an art walk the first Friday of every month where the streets are closed and everyone is walking around visiting local art vendors and the galleries along the strip.

photo 5

My friend (and very talented crocheter of Green Horse Craft) Mary introduced me to First Fridays and we decided to do the event together every month. It’s so amazing having a friend who also makes a great work partner! I think we really understand and relate to each other as individual, crafty artists.

I love seeing the range of local art vendors, from people sitting on blankets to super professional stands with tents and light generators. For me, my stand ended up being a fold-out drying rack covered with a lace tablecloth….and it worked and turned out lovely!

photo 2ljhg

I printed out some of my Blossom illustrations on small card stock. My printer is actually terribly old and doesn’t do the best job, so I ended up doing some gauche washes over the print to liven them up.

photo 2

Mary and I did a trial run in April and I realized that this event would be a great place to try and sell my felt flower crowns. So I whipped up a few more and brought them to sell for this month’s First Friday. This super warm and sunny weather is definitely helping the desire to wear a flower crown!

photo 1nv

Mary couldn’t come to this month’s art walk, so I went alone to sell (with Roos patiently sitting behind me the whole time!) It was my third time going to the art walk, second time participating, and first time selling alone! I think it well!