Halloween Windows

So that time I did two Halloween windows and never talked about them. Here we go!

Noe Valley

ghost puppets



2014-11-06 08.30.24

These ghosts!!! I know, crazy spooky scary. This was my Halloween window for the Rare Device//Noe Valley store. It had to be done rather quickly, so I stitched up these ghosties.  I kept the gold diamonds that were up with the Cactus window because, why not, they’re cool. I like this last photo, it looks like they’re having a party and they”re singing.



IMG_20141008_103750IMG_1689IMG_20141005_10022120141029_112429I hung up my original creepy girl drawings at the Divisadero store. It was probably the simplest installation I’ve done, but it still took me forever. (People who install quickly, so impressed with you.) I also printed up some postcard sets and 8 x 10 prints. 


Cactus Window

I created the window installation for the new Rare Device store in Noe Valley! I had the idea of filling it with decorative cactus pinatas. Here’s a peak at the window, but please check out the full post here!


I was beyond thrilled when photographer, Sarah Deragon, took some up-close photos of my window cacti. I wanted to share some of my favorites (so hard to choose!) to show some more detailed shots of what’s hanging in the Rare Device//Noe Valley window!

Lexi-64 Lexi-68Lexi-70Lexi-72Lexi-77Lexi-79Lexi-81Lexi-94Lexi-95Lexi-106Lexi-112Lexi-113

Thank you SO much Sarah, for the beautiful photos! You are magic! And thank you Rare Device for being so cool and rolling with my window ideas!!

*All photos by the amazingly, talented Sarah Dereagon

Corner No. 1

I’ve been living in my current house for about three years, which means it’s taken me three years to start decorating, nesting, and what not. I guess I didn’t think we’d be in this house so long, or because I had renter-paranoia and didn’t want to invest in painting or putting up shelves. But like I said, three years. It’s time.

This house is too big to take on all at once, so I’ve been decorating one corner at a time. I wanted to share my first corner that I’ve been working on: The corner of my bedroom.


Picture Frames: Thrifted // Necklace Dispay: Made by me //  Night Stand and Rug: IKEA // Vanity Chair: Sidewalk Sale (that I spray painted gold) // Mirror: ROSS (that I also spray painted gold) // Yellow Flower: Fiber Florist // Fox Letter Opener: Mystery Mister // Bedside Book Holder: DIY // Art Prints and Cards: Yelena Bryksenkova, Colpa Press, Rifle Paper Co., Satchel & Sage,  People I’ve Loved , Vintage and thrifted finds


Christmas Time is Here

I can’t believe we’re already really into December!! Ahhh I have so much to do! This is going to be me and Roos’s first Christmas away from our families, which totally bummed me out at first, but I think if we try we can really make it something special. So we need to jump on that holiday-spirit train quick!

A week ago we ventured out and bought our first christmas ornament together. Baby steps.

Screen shot 2013-12-11 at 11.54.40 PM

Likely Lexi on Etsy


I’m happy to announce my etsy shop is finally ready for viewing! I know I’ve been mentioning it a lot here lately, but I’m for real this time. After weeks of designing, creating, photographing, making business cards, doing test deliveries, and then finally putting it all on etsy, my handmade flower crowns are finally available online!


I wanted to create pretty flower crowns that could be more of an everyday-wear accessory. I for one love real flower crowns. And this quote:

“I’d rather wear flowers in my hair,

than diamonds around my neck.”


Yep, I’m that kinda girl. I can’t be the only one, right? But I realize real flower – flower crowns are impractical, and the fun silk ones are pretty much reserved for music festivals (but if you’re that rare bird who can rock one any day, I’m envious!), so I wanted to make something a bit more practical (but still adorable and lovely!)


And they’re actually not all floral. Some are cats. I’m not even a cat person, and I really like this one! I’m so excited to announce my shop and I can’t wait to share more ideas, products, and maybe even a few DIY’s on this blog!


Please visit my etsy to get the whole picture!

Balcony Garden

I love hanging out with crafty friends! Mary is a crazy talented artist who is heavily focused on crochet work. I hope to share some of these creations soon, but I’d like to introduce a part of her home first. I love seeing creative spaces and how other artists nest. I have never been that great at nesting (it took me a whole year to actually put anything interesting up on my walls) but Mary has always been so good at it!! This girl has SO much stuff, and they’re all amazing! I spend so much time going over her countless vintage knick-knacks, thrifted art collection, family photographs, and her own handmade work. Mary recently moved to a new place with her boyfriend and her balcony has become the new home for her succulents! I had to take several photos.


Through the window. Spot the glass head in the bottom right crate?IMG_7991Her crochet label is called GREEN HORSE CRAFT so this beautiful ceramic green horse is perfect!IMG_7990

IMG_7992IMG_7995IMG_7997IMG_8003IMG_8004I love this. I want a succulent garden so badly! Hope to share more from Mary soon! Follow her on instagram for peeks of her latest crochet work @greenhorsecraft and visit her shop!