Halloween Windows

So that time I did two Halloween windows and never talked about them. Here we go!

Noe Valley

ghost puppets



2014-11-06 08.30.24

These ghosts!!! I know, crazy spooky scary. This was my Halloween window for the Rare Device//Noe Valley store. It had to be done rather quickly, so I stitched up these ghosties.  I kept the gold diamonds that were up with the Cactus window because, why not, they’re cool. I like this last photo, it looks like they’re having a party and they”re singing.



IMG_20141008_103750IMG_1689IMG_20141005_10022120141029_112429I hung up my original creepy girl drawings at the Divisadero store. It was probably the simplest installation I’ve done, but it still took me forever. (People who install quickly, so impressed with you.) I also printed up some postcard sets and 8 x 10 prints. 


Something Floral, Something New

I worked on a little something for a good friend of mine. She’s the maid of honor in an upcoming wedding and wanted to give a personal piece to the bride-to-be. I only had about a day to work on this, so I kinda gave myself creative-reign! It may not have been exactly what she was asking for, but hey, if it’s free and I have a super quick deadline, I’m pretty sure that means I get to do whatever I want, right?

And I really like it!



This is the original bouquet pattern I made. I think it would make super sweet gift wrap or something.


Happy October!

I can’t believe it’s already October! And it’s so hot outside today!! I could only handle 30 minutes at Baker Beach before bailing for shade and iced drinks. So when better than this beautiful, sunny day to start some new Creepy Portraits for Halloween!

I sat outside my favorite coffee house (in full shade of course) and started my fifth creepy portrait. Here’s an in progress look:


I had so much fun doing these last year! I didn’t think of the series until the last few days of October, so hopefully I’ll have several more done this time around. Here’s Creepy Portrait #1, #2, #3, and #4.

Happy October!


The more I look at these sketches the more I want to make crazy flower masks. Though they are a bit Creature from the Black Lagoon -looking…which is also awesome.

Me, oh my

Technically this is a self portrait. Not an intentional self portrait, but I did use myself as reference. It’s a lot easier to paint myself as a character than as a normal self portrait. This particular piece was for a conceptual dessert book illustrating the recipe name, “Love at First Bite: Cherry Cobbler.” A bit of a stretch, but so much more interesting than a cobbler painting, right? A grittier version would have been so much fun to paint, but since we were dealing with food, I couldn’t make it too unappetizing…

I use myself as reference quite often, mostly for sketching though. This “Love at First Bite” painting is one of the only fully rendered paintings of myself I have. I would much rather use a model, but sometimes I’m all I have access to. I use myself because I know exactly what poses I want. I use myself because I don’t care if I draw myself ugly. I use myself because sometimes I just need to sketch something and photo booth on my computer is the easiest solution. I obviously don’t mind drawing myself, but more than that I’m starting to really enjoy drawing characters of myself.