Summer Flamingo Window

I wanted to share photos of my most recent window display, up at Rare Device! I made life-size flamingos for the summertime and they’re SO happy! You can read about it here and check out some detailed photos below.

flamingoneck_02 flamingoneck_03 palm_05 tailfeather_01



Fox Gloves

I’m making a Fox costume for halloween! It’s supposed to be for my boyfriend but now I love it a lot! I’m going for more of a Fantastic Mr. Fox, Sly Fox kind of look, so it’ll just be fox gloves, mask, and maybe a tail…

I meant to make this a DIY but I only took a few photos. Here’s what I did

I found an old red cardigan and traced my boyfriend’s hands, making sure to keep the hem line in tact. I cut out 4 hand shapes and stiched up the sides as well as some of the fingers to make it a three hole glove. I turned it inside-out and sewed on felt claws and fur.

I love them! They might be a little too cute for Roos, but I’ll wear them if he doesn’t!

Now onto the fox mask.


I appear to have accidentally deleted my blog again….

I wallowed for a while, but I decided to just get a blog that is in no way connected to my website, that way I can’t¬†accidentally delete it again!

So here we are my friends. Another couples of months of blog posts GONE.